SEN Tutoring in West Cornwall

SEN tutoring within Tupic, covers a range of learning needs for individuals with specific needs. I have over 30 years of working with children with Special Educational Needs. I have worked for over 17 years in two fully accessible mainstream schools. Also, I am proud of all the achievements my SEN students have made. Despite the challenges for the children, through SEN tutoring and understanding of individual needs, breakthroughs can be made.

SEN Teaching Experience

I have successfully taught children with: ASD, including Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Also children with dyslexia, visual and hearing impairments, down syndrome, ADHD and learning delay. I have met the needs of children in wheelchairs, including those with motor neuron disease. Also children battling leukaemia and other forms of cancer. It has been my privilege to teach all of these wonderful children.  All of these experiences enhance my capability to provide quality SEN tutoring.

Moin’s Testimony

I had the amazing joy of teaching an inspirational boy called Moin. Moin won one of the Pride of Britain Awards in 2017 for his determination and resilience despite his health. Please have a look at his website:

He has kindly written this as a testimony for me:

when I went to primary school I had a teacher called mrs hutchinson. She was my favourite teacher ever and was so kind to me, the reason she was my favourite is because she treated me like every other child even though I have this life threatening condition.
I go through a life threatening condition called EB which is a skin condition, this condition causes me to be in severe pain everyday but while been in a class room with mrs hutchinson I felt fine because I was been treated like everyone else. and I feel like she understood me like she knew me all my life.
even when I was a bit cheeky or naughty I wouldn’t be able to get away with it and thats why I loved it. all I ever wanted was a normal childhood and mrs hutchinson certainly gave me that. and on the other side of things she was funny and you was always able to have a laugh with her. she was able to take a joke and most importantly had the most amazing smile ever… I dont think I ever saw mrs hutchinson without a smile and even remember her been a good singer too.

Moin Younis Kings Heath Primary Birmingham

Moin Younis Picture Pride of Britain

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