Maths Tutoring in West Cornwall

We offer Maths Tutoring for children of all ages in West Cornwall. We offer 1:1 tuition in the home or group tutoring in a variety of locations depending on need and demand. Hence we offer our maths tutoring in an 8 mile radius of Hayle including: Penzance, St Just, Lelant, St Ives, Carbis Bay, Hayle, Camborne, Redruth and more.

For some reason so many people have a block to understanding maths. We hear it said so often: ‘I can’t do maths.’ ‘I’m no good at maths.’ ‘Nobody in our family has ever been good at maths.’ Therefore, children and adults get locked into a mindset that they cannot do maths. At Tupic our maths tutoring¬† aims to unlock the potential in each individual and bring them to a place from ‘I can’t,’ to ‘I can’t YET,’ to the joy of ‘I CAN!’.

maths in nature

Maths is amazing and is needed for so many areas in life. Consequently, each person needs to be numerate to the level that they can function well in society. This includes: telling the time, quick mental recall so that one doesn’t get ‘ripped off’, reading timetables, managing money etc… As well as the basics of being able to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Maths is also embedded in nature which is awesome to see and recognise.

Maths is easy once the person unlocks the secret. Our maths tutoring will reveal the secrets. The secret lies within logic, pattern, understanding rules and formula. The biggest secret lies within developing confidence. Once a student believes they can do maths then the success will follow. Hence, we aim to unlock potential in each individual one step at a time through our maths tutoring.


Please contact us using the form below to request your FREE 30 minute session. To learn it is important for the learner to feel comfortable.  This FREE session will allow us to meet your child, to discuss your needs and expectations and for you to check out our credibility. if your child is studying for Maths GCSE please write the exam board which they are using.

We endeavour to reply within 48 hours to your maths tutoring request.