Key Stage 2 Tutoring in West Cornwall

At Tupic we offer Key Stage 2 Tutoring which covers a range of subjects or situations bespoke to each individual. We provide tutoring in Reading, Writing, Grammar Spelling and Punctuation, Maths or any other Key Stage 2 subject.  As a primary school specialist with over 30 years experience I am highly skilled and intuitive to the individual needs of students. Therefore, I am committed to every child succeeding.

I am passionate about unlocking the potential in each person. Helping them overcome any barrier they have to learning. Also to develop a love of learning is my primary goal. Due to this, I enable students to conquer their fears and inhibitions and to become successful and confident learners.

SATS Support

Irrespective of what our personal thoughts are towards children preparing for and sitting SATS in primary school it is something every child in mainstream education has to face. I teach my children to be the ‘Boss’ of these exams and not the other way round. At Tupic, we provide Key Stage 2 Tutoring and SATS support. This is not only to pass SATS but to be equipped for life. Consequently, they will have achieved a greater command of the  basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening and maths.

Learning at any age should be fun and inspiring. Therefore, through the Key Stage 2 Tutoring we offer, each individual will feel valued, supported and confident. Due to this they will begin to overcome their barriers to learning and achieve greater success. They will achieve better scores in SATS. But more importantly they will be better equipped to face the next stage of education.

FREE introductory session for Key Stage 2 Tutoring

Please contact us using the form below to request your FREE 30 minute session. To learn it is important for the learner to feel comfortable.  This FREE session will allow us to meet your child. We will assess and discuss their needs. Also, you can specify your expectations and you can check out our credibility.

We typically reply within 48 hours to a request for Key Stage 2 Tutoring