home schoolingAt Tupic we offer bespoke Home Schooling Support in West Cornwall. Hence, we recognise that parents who choose to educate their children at home have very valid reasons. Therefore, each are making a huge commitment and sacrifice for their children.

Home schooling is increasing in Cornwall at a rapid rate and high quality provision is sadly lacking. Parents can feel isolated, overwhelmed, overworked. Despite this they continue to balance providing a quality education for their children whilst endeavouring  to maintain the bills and have a good standard of living.

I am passionate about taking my 30+ years of educational experience and making a difference in the lives of children who are home schooled. Consequently, I would love to set up alternative learning hubs in West Cornwall to facilitate the needs of children whom mainstream education doesn’t work for, for whatever reason. Each child is unique and should be celebrated. However, they should be given the chance to flourish and thrive rather than deal with an education system that leaves them feeling stressed, anxious and unhappy. Your child matters and so do you!

Home Schooling Support to fit your child

At Tupic rather than offer a range of home schooling resources, activities, tutoring or programmes we like to hear what you want.

Do you need individual learning support for your child in the home?

Are you looking for group learning activities with other children who are home schooled?

Does your child need social interaction or confidence boosting which you need help with?

Do you already have a home schooling support network looking for group learning opportunities for English and Maths?

Is the reason for home schooling your child based on a specific learning need which mainstream education has not been able to cater for?


FREE Consultation Session –¬† Home Schooling Support

Please contact us using the form below to request your FREE 30 minute consultation session. To learn it is important for the learner to feel comfortable. This FREE session will allow us to meet your child, to discuss your needs and expectations and for you to check out our credibility.

We endeavour to reply within 48 hours to your home schooling support request.